Mother Athens

Visual identity design for plants and flower shop “Mother”.
Athens, Greece.

Nature spans from the most delicate flower to the roughest of grounds, from idyllic sceneries to catastrophic events. Humbled and fascinated by this, we aspired to recreate visually an hybrid of contrasting elements while branding the plants and flower shop Mother.

An elegant Art Nouveau-inspired typeface next to a contemporary sans-serif one. Quirky and rough illustrations onto an earthy colour palette. An overall organic simplicity brought confidence and character to the neighbourhood of Mets, where Manos Tziaponis runs ‘Mother’ since 2020.

The illustrated logo represents the metaphorical act of looking through the wild, pure and unpredictable eyes of Mother Nature.

Witty and quirky illustrations enrich the identity through characters and peculiar symbols, embodying the primordial energy of Mother Nature, with her untameable creativity, curious evolving, but also delicacy and wholesomeness.

Art director, designer and illustrator: Tania Cimatti
Artworker and producer: Konstantina Polytimi
Photographer: Yvette Kapsala

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